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How to buy

We are the only 100% legitimate way to get your contract done, with zero risks, anonymously and with no advance upfront. Don't pay any cent until the job has been done.

We are a marketplace. A community with thousands of members and hundreds of hitmen. As a marketplace and a community we strive to protect both customers and hitmen while doing business.

Step 1. Make up your mind how much you want to pay for the contract. The more offer the better skilled the hitman assigned on your job will be.

We have different kinds of hitmen, some are ex-military experienced soldiers who came back from wars and want to make money by killing scumbags who caused a lot of harm to people, here back home.

this kind of killers refuse to kill women or children, but they gladly kill rapists, and all kind of bad people. They do the job quickly and with no failure but they are expensive, they won't kill for $5000. Usually they kill for at least $20 000 or more.

We also have drug addicts who are in debt and they are glad to kill anyone for $5 000. They kill women and children but they are less experienced and they can fail.

If the hitman fails, you don't pay anything, you get the money back from escrow. If you can't afford for the hitman to fail, then try to offer the biggest amount that you can afford for the job to be done.

You might want to ask admin for a quote. Send a message to admin telling him general details about the target, and telling him the biggest budget that you can offer. He will then find the best skilled hitman to do the job.

Provide general info such as country, bodyguards, is he or her armed etc.

Each price depends on how difficult the job is. Does the target have bodyguards? Does he or she carry a gun? Is it a normal person, or a very important person?

Depending on how difficult the job is and his or her social status you would need to pay more or less.

Step 2. Submit a new contract by clicking on order and provide target details, such as a place where to find him or her, a picture, what needs to be done, etc.

This will be encrypted and saved on our secure server, for only one hitman to see. No one else will see this information.

Step 3. Provide proof of funds in bitcoin. The hitman doesn't get any money until the job is done. No advances are to be paid. However we can't do jobs for people that have no money, we need to see proof of funds before we proceed .

This proof of funds can be provided by putting funds in a mutually agreed escrow. We don't take cash or credit cards. Bitcoin is highly anonymous, unlike bank transfers, credit cards or checks.

Step 4. We assign a skilled hitman to your contract. Optionally you can specify a hitman on the order page if you have one in mind that you want to do the contract. Then we provide you with an estimated date, so you can travel to a different city and build an alibi.

Step 5. Once you are satisfied with the job, you send bitcoin to the hitman.

Bitcoin is a common way to pay on the dark web for illegal services. Illegal goods or services on the dark web cant be purchased with your credit card nor bank transfer. You can not buy it with PayPal. If you do, the orders can be easily tracked back to you.

We have the greatest reputation on dark web when its coming to killing. We are awarded on several top sites , we have a forum where our thousands of members are talking about different things.

If you are planning on purchasing anything illegal either of the deep web like narcotics, guns/weapons, fake documents, stolen cards, and services that will provide killing, arson, brutal beatings, you should never expose your identity and you should pay with bitcoin .

To keep your IP address and identity safe and protected you should use the Tor Browser . This is a perfectly legal software used to hide the IP and avoid surveillance. It is used by countless amounts of people around the globe. Tor Browser allows you to safely connect to .onion links and they are called onion links as when you connect to them there are layers of security, just like how an onion has layers.

You can make an account on bitcoin exchange sites. Google and find the best.

We have a bitcoin mixer built-in that will make the transaction anonymous. You can send bitcoin directly to escrow here on our website and the bitcoin will be automatically mixed . All of the bitcoins are pseudonymous, this means there is no name, website address, IP address, WIFI, or any information linked in Bitcoin transactions .