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The only trusted hitman marketplace on Deep Web

We get this question a lot: "Is this real?"

Yes, this is real. This is not a joke nor a prank. We are a legitimate community of criminals and gang members providing illegal services online.

Criminals are not all the same. Some criminals are stupid, other criminals are smart and know how to use computers and hide their tracks.

This is how dark web marketplaces came into existence, people started selling and buying illegal stuff on the dark web. Drugs, guns and illegal services are available to those in need.

Read more about dark web marketplaces on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet_market

We prove this is real :

1. We never ask for any advance payments. Customers pay only after the job has been done. How can someone be scammed if he doesn't pay anything upfront?

We do require proof of funds before sending a hitman to do the job, but this proof of funds is to be done through escrow. We accept all external escrows that work with bitcoin and allow customers to be anonymous.

An escrow is a website controlled by another party, independent of the hitman or the customer, who can overview the transaction, providing safety for both the buyer and the seller, for a small fee.

You have the option to open an escrow transaction on a third party site and deposit funds there. Once we see you have provided funds to escrow, we proceed to send a hitman to complete the job. When the job is complete, we give you a confirmation, you check personally to see the job is done and then you release the funds from escrow to the hitman.

If the hitman fails to do the job for any reason, you get the funds back from escrow.

If there is a dispute, the escrow admin can check whether the hitman did the task or not, and send funds accordingly either to the hitman if the task was completed or back to the customer if the task was not.

This protects the customer in case of the target not being killed, and protects us from customers who lie and don't want to pay after the job was done.

This is the ultimate proof we are real because the hitman only gets paid if he does the job.

2. If you are a hitman we might accept you in our team

We do not accept new hitmen

3. Excellent reputation on major dark web repositories and websites. When a site is a scam, scammed customers submit scam reports and complaints to all major sites and scam lists, getting the site listed as a scam. There are no bad reports about us and we have been online for a long time with hundreds of satisfied customers.

http://crdeidjccozznpdnfvv5ytgeajqjwoim33da44njgvogxpnbd2d54bqd.onion The hitmen list - is a complete hitmen list showing what hitmen are real and what are fake. Customers and visitors can add their own stories and reviews and report what sites scammed them. Check that site before ordering a hitman online!

http://7gh64ppom7eh2y5svtpytu5dyhbrcmgbhvvcj3vbr4vyfm3jl5ii7kyd.onion Tor Scam List - is a complete list of various scams on Tor. Visitors periodically submit new scam sites so the collection gets updated periodically.

http://pddnz5kjzqsi4oniez5k5ehfohzh7tp22w2pkaigukdcurmae4xamzyd.onion The hidden Wiki is like the normal Wikipedia except it consists of loads of deep web and dark web websites where you can purchase goods such as fake documents, stolen credit cards, stolen phones, hitmen for hire, guns and other illegally sold things, if you are new to the deep/dark web we recommend you give this a look to get to know it more, this website has also filtered out scam sites.

These dark web reputable repositories certify we are trusted and legitimate.

Directories and guides give 5 stars ratings to the top quality services . Our competition does not have awards and instead they have complaints from customers. We are the best hitman service available for you to do your job

4. Killings that made their way into the news.

Our killers are skilled and do not get caught. They have unregistered guns, leave no fingerprints and no DNA evidence to kill without being caught.

Some prefer to wait for the target at a given address, in a stolen vehicle, shoot the target dead and then drive away and get rid of the gun.

Others can make the murder look like an accident.


A man was assassinated at point-blank by one of our Average hitmen using a handgun, the cameras at Wembley street captured all of this but our hitman is clever and he covered his face leaving no witnesses to identify him or security cameras either.

Our hitman simply doesn't care about the fact that this was done in a public area with cameras, he simply goes up to the target and shoots his a couple of times.

The hitman then fled the scene in a stolen vehicle leaving no evidence, he has not been arrested even though he killed a few more people the following weekends.

If this has caught your attention you can read more about this down below:


Here is another website link showing a hit carried out by one of our hitmen, the hitman was in a stolen car carrying a loaded pistol, he opened fire on the target and his friend whilst also harming a citizen passing by, the citizen was not seriously injured.


This killing is once again another example of our hitman killing somebody, he waited for the right signal then shot him in the head killing the victim before he hit the ground.


As you have probably already guessed yes this is another killing done by one of our website's hitmen.


This task was carried out overseas by one of our hitmen, the location of the target was in Portugal.


Please take into consideration that probably hundreds of other killings were done by our hitmen which you should be able to find articles about on the internet but we will not post about it on our website unless the customer gives us explicit permission to do so.

5. Real live Forum.

We have a forum where our users can talk with each other. If you have a disappointment you can put it there for anyone to view. However there are no complaints and no scam reports.

We are a dark web marketplace. We have thousands of users who order murders and we have vendors who provide the services. We allow users to talk to vendors by an encrypted message system, by the forum, and we have a built-in escrow and mixer.

We are the only 100% guaranteed real hitman marketplace on the dark web. If you want to take no chances of failure, you should order with us. Plus, we are the lowest cost service that you will find, except of course scams. Scammers can ask for low prices because they scam. But we ask for the lowest prices in the real hitman industry.

We don't ask for any advance payments, you only provide proof that you own funds and then we proceed with the job.

This proof of funds can be done by showing us proof you own bitcoin in any external escrow or wallet. We don't see any cent until the job is completed.