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For the Media and press

If this website and its services have gained your interest and you feel like writing a news report or article to be published please do so, if you have any questions simply send us a message on this website and we will answer as honestly as we can, do now ask questions like " what is your name " as we are not daft and will simply refuse to answer compromising questions that could put us, the customers or our hitmen at risk, please refrain from making up false claims and writing fake stories about us, instead of this you could have the decency of asking us for any information, simply contact us and ask.

For many people this website is their job or for the customers a so-called Trump card which is their last resort if they ate in serious trouble so please do not post false information which could potentially corrupt our website as no one will appreciate this.

If you are a reporter or something similar we give you two options to pick from that can prove we are correct altogether:

We would like to kindly give you a heads up that any actions you do are your responsibility and that provoking a murder for hire website with hitmen worldwide is never a good thing and we do not recommend that you try to do this if you do not think you will meet any trouble then try and Remember the French magazine attacks because they were foolishly mocking the Islamic State and the editors which didn't end well