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Beware of copycats!

This is the original site. Some kids clicked on Save As option in their browser to save text from our site, changed a bit the graphics and uploaded it elsewhere, but their versions are clumsy and not working! They are trying to scam people. Don't use those!

How do you know that our site is the real one? Simple answer : OUR SITE IS THE ONLY SITE THAT IS COMPLEX AND WORKING.

On other sites, the forms are not working! Order form, signup form, login form, contact form and messages only work on our site not on scams!

The copycat sites stole the text and pictures, but they couldn't steal the forms and the code behind the website engine.

Anyone can steal text and images just by selecting it with the mouse and clicking Copy and then Paste to a different document.

But they cannot steal the code that makes the form work. This is why the copycat scam sites ask you to send them an email with the required information, instead of the order form.

Scam sites always use email! They ask you to contact them by email or to send order info by email.

An example of such Scam Site is Hydra Hitmen

They removed all forms because they couldn't get it working. Instead they just ask you to send them the info by email.

Scam sites are simple versions of the original larger sites. Do not use it!

This is a guide on how you can tell apart what sites are scam and what isn't. Because we care about you, and for your protection

1. Always google the name of the site, if is a scam you will find many scam reports. It is a real site you will find only a good reputation. Google for example Online Killers and you will find good news only, about us. We are real. Most other hitmen services have lots of complaints on the internet. If you want to ensure your target dies, provide us with proof of bitcoin and you will get 100% satisfaction as we will complete the job fast and as per your requirements.

2. Scam sites are cheap made, have simple not-working interfaces, do not allow you to create accounts or log in. Do not allow you to submit orders online and do not allow you to talk to hitmen on the hitmen marketplace. Scammers do not build complex interfaces, they just make simple sites to steal funds.

3. Scam sites accept whatever price you have in mind. Real hitmen can't do jobs if the price is too low. Scam sites accept any price, they won't do the job anyway so whatever you offer them is ok.

4. Scam sites get reported by scammed customers to scam repositories.

http://crdeidjccozznpdnfvv5ytgeajqjwoim33da44njgvogxpnbd2d54bqd.onion The hitmen list - is a complete hitmen list showing what hitmen are real and what are fake. Customers and visitors can add their own stories and reviews and report what sites scammed them. Check that site before ordering a hitman online!

http://7gh64ppom7eh2y5svtpytu5dyhbrcmgbhvvcj3vbr4vyfm3jl5ii7kyd.onion Tor Scam List - is a complete list of various scams on Tor. Visitors periodically submit new scam sites so the collection gets updated periodically.

http://pddnz5kjzqsi4oniez5k5ehfohzh7tp22w2pkaigukdcurmae4xamzyd.onion The hidden Wiki is like the normal Wikipedia except it consists of loads of deep web and dark web websites where you can purchase goods such as fake documents, stolen credit cards, stolen phones, hitmen for hire, guns and other illegally sold things, if you are new to the deep/dark web we recommend you give this a look to get to know it more, this website has also filtered out scam sites.

We are not affiliated in any way with the sites above. They work independently and we have no control over whatever they choose to display. In addition to the above examples you can find other reports and reviews of scams on various other places, always check before sending money to a hitman online!