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We offer you the best value for your money, compared to other services.

hitmen services

Our website has the largest network of skilled gang members, some desperate drug addicts that are in debt can steal a car, wait for the target in the parking lot and kill him for $5 000 - $10 000, while expert ex-military hitmen can use sniper rifle to kill important people that have bodyguards, for $80 000 and over .

Not long ago they provided services for mafia and cartels, but now due to the dark web and technology that can hide your traces online they are taking orders on dark web marketplaces .

Tousands of customers use are happy with our services, and put their testimonials on our unmoderated forum. Check out the last active members to see thousands of members that you can talk to and share experiences, and hundreds of hitmen providing services that you can send messages to, to get inquiries about your job

Death by shoot and drive away. $5 000 - $10 000


The exact price depends on the difficulty of each job, including location and whether the target has bodyguards, if it carries a gun or other things that can make the job more difficult .

Please think of a budget that you can afford to pay, as you know best the target and know if is an easy job or a difficult job.

The more you offer, the better skilled the hitman assigned on the job will be, and more peace of mind that he will do the order with no problems.

After you decide on the budge, please place your order, and specify the target and the job description. We will assign the job to an available hitman from the target country, based on your budge and hitman price tag, and based on the skills required to complete the job

You will need to exchange cash into bitcoin and then provide proof you have bitcoin ready.

The hitman will provide an estimated date for the hit, you can travel to a different city and make an alibi. The hitman will steal a car or motorcycle and go to the area where the target lives. He will wait in a parking lot to see the target coming out of house or work, and then he will shoot the target ensuring killing then drive away.

Death by making it look like accident or robbery gone wrong $9 000 - $20 000.


If the police would suspect that you are the one who wanted the target dead, they might put you on the top suspect list and ask you a lot of questions.

To avoid that, you can have the murder done as an accident or robbery gone wrong.

A gang members steal a car, drives to the target's address and wait for the victim to show up. When the targets appear he can get some car speed and cause a crash to kill the target in what would look like a drunk driver losing control of his car.

He would then flee the scene and abandon the car several blocks away.

Alternatively, the killer can stage a robbery gone wrong. Or he can use some undetectable poison.A snake bite if the murder needs to happen in some countryside.

Whatever you find suitable as an accident or natural death can happen to avoid you from being part of a lengthy investigation.

Death by sniper $20 000 - $60 000.


If your target is an important person that has bodyguards or is carrying a gun, you might need a sniper who can kill him from a safe distance.

That is because for VIPS who have bodyguards is difficult to do a drive by shooting. The bodyguards could see the risk posed by the incoming shooter and protect the target.

An expert hitman can use a sniper rifle with a high quality scope and could stay in some hidden place in a high floor rented hotel room or flat, or some roof.

He will wait for the VIP target to come into sight and then kill the target with a sniper shot.

Beating $2000 - $4000.


If you want to recover some debt or get some revenge against some person without killing him, you can order a beating.

We have gang members who are glad to earn money by driving to a location and beating the shit out of someone.

Place the order giving details about the person and the job to be done, and we will assign an operative from the cities near the target to drive there and conduct the mission.

Do not ask us to beat armed people, or else our hitman might end up in a gun fight with that person and kill him. Don't try to trick us into beating people who are armed thinking we will kill him in the gun fight while you pay for a beating only. You will be charged for a killing if you want us to do the killing.

Always give us as much accurate person as possible about the target. If the target has self defense skills or some martial arts training, then tell us. We will send a better skilled hitman to beat him.

Arson $4 000 - $20 000

hitmen services

We have gang members who set cars or houses on fire, or simply assault and punish the target.

Please note that orders for assault or arson will be charged with $4000 only if you do not want any murder in it. When you want some people trapped inside and killed in the fire you will need to pay for kill.

If you want to murder an entire family by blocking them inside the house and staging an accident like a fire, it would cost the price of murder.

Kidnap $5000 - $30 000

hitmen services

We can kidnap most people.

The easier the job the lower the price, or if you want us to kidnapp some hard defended VIPS with bodyguards the price will match the diffculty of the job.

We then can either deliver to a specified address or keep him hostage until you tell us to release

If you want to torture the kidnapped person to ask questions, that would cost extra.

At the end we can kill the person, if you want.

Guns $600 - $4000

hitmen services

We sell guns and ammunition USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and other places, contact us with what you need, and we will be happy to provide the products.

The guns are new and unused, no one was killed with it. The used guns are thrown away or disposed, we don't give used guns to customers

Guns can be delivred dissasembled in 3 packages labeled care spare parts.

Or can be delivered at a GPS coordonats, you can drive near your city to some remote area, a forest or a place where there are no humans or buildings and choose a place.

Get the GPS coordonats and send us. We will send a seller to go there, dig a hole, burry the gun in a water proof package and then send you confirmation

You can go to location, make sure no one is watching and there are no hidden surveilance cameras or whatever, dig the gun out and release funds from escrow

The more you offer for a job, the better skilled hitman for the job.

0% advance, the payment will be done after the job is completed. You only need to provide proof you have the bitcoin.

The order form is anonymous and encrypted. You won't be asked any information about yourself. Only target is needed.

We can guarantee you can't find a better price anywhere else for the same quality level of a job. To get a quote about how much you should offer you can ask a question on our Discussion Forum.

Don't specify target name or address on the forum, because anyone can see. Just country, job difficulty etc. Once you decided about your budget you can click on order and specify there all info about the target. We will assign the best hitman for the job to take into account the job difficulty, costs etc.

target target

Because we are a marketplace with hundreds of hitmen, the prices differ from hitman to hitman. Each hitman can set their own prices for the services he provides, given his skill level.

Some less skilled criminals have lower prices. Better skilled hitmen have bigger prices. We will put you in contact with hitmen based on your job request, country, and price that you can offer.