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I want to hire a hitman on myself
But the method should be painless
Like euthanasia or something like this

asked on Jun 15 , 2022 11:57 AM by faizshaikh       Reply

faizshaikh on Jun 16 , 2022 3:52 PM says

Money is not a problem i have 5,500 dollar

admin on Jun 16 , 2022 4:45 PM says

When a customer asks us to kill someone, they put funds in escrow.

Once the target is dead, the customer releases funds from escrow

If we fail the killing, the customer gets the funds back from escrow

So you can see, if you want to kill yourself, you will not be there after the killing to release the funds from escrow

We can only kill you if you trust us and pay us the entire amount upfront

But we recommend you not to kill yourself

FarmRangeKiller on Jun 27 , 2022 12:36 AM says

Hello, as Admin stated you would have to release funds. However i'm happy with talking about the details of the job in messages