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Help Needed

Im in a strange situation here. There are a couple who are willing to harm me in anyway possible due to a simple misunderstanding. Ive tried every solution but they wont listen. They have done so many things to me so far but now I here they are planning to kill me! but I dont have any proof and even if I had, it would be no good to me.
Now I dont know what to do:
If i dont kill them, theyll kill me.
If I kill the man, the wife will come after me.
If I kill the woman, the husband will come after me.
If I kill both of them even by accident, many people with suspect me.

Do you have any suggestions? Please give me the price for your suggestion. Also, consider that I live in Iran so please be considarate in giving the price. Both targets are in tehran

asked on Jun 15 , 2022 4:00 PM by smahs       Reply

outlook on Jun 16 , 2022 12:00 PM says

I Am not a hitman, I am a fucking asshole but if you make their bodies disappear maybe you wont have problems. I guess it wont bé cheap at all but if you can affor it you will have a good solution.

smahs on Jun 16 , 2022 1:31 PM says

Yeah, of course. But they are badmouthing me so everyone including their family will tell the police that Im their number one enemy.